Kerry Jameson


A graduate of both Saint Martin’s College of Art and the Royal College of Art, Jameson has gone on to exhibit at the Saatchi Gallery in London, The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and at numerous other respected venues throughout the UK and the US.

Jameson’s vision is to “capture life in my work, a sense of movement, the feeling of something living”. In Conflicts, shown at the Marsden Woo Gallery, she was inspired by Paolo Ucello’s 1483 painting, The Battle of Romano. Employing a quality of ‘unfinish’ and simplicity in the modelling of her small figures, Jameson movingly conveys a great scene of human drama and conflict. It’s as if she’s sees and understands the painting more vividly by making her sculpture.

Talking about her approach she says, “it often begins with a thought or a feeling; an undigested experience that needs to be worked through. A collecting of apparently disjointed things takes place through seeing, sketching, photography and found objects which start to cohere around a theme and take on weight”.

More recently her attention has been drawn to pieces that don’t make it past the kiln – the broken and the abandoned, the works that are seen to have flaws. “I am enjoying the challenge of working with fragments, the mess of an explosion, creating a beautiful piece out of rubble, mending and making things stronger.”